Tips To Clean Your Home On the Weekend

Cleaning is not that enjoyable task but you have to do it to keep your home hygienic and fresh and better place to live. But weekend is only time which you probably get to spend for yourself and ensure that the home is clean and tidy.

Just the way cooking or baking or gardening, cleanliness of home is very therapeutic as well. To simplify the process of cleaning of home that you can do it on your own without using help of someone else on weekend here are some tips.

Prepare everything well before you settle to clean your house and make sure you have the essentials of the cleaning in place. Like the cleaner required, scrubber, clean cloth to clean, soap etc. when everything is handy and at your disposal it will be easy for you to get started.

Go slow

You need to get going slowly when you are cleaning cause if you rush it will become all big mess. Just do one thing at a time, the thing you started like cleaning bedroom complete it before you venture to the living area or the kitchen area. Clean one area at a time.

Cleaning Mirrors

Clean the mirrors and glass with the glass cleaners only and don’t use the soapy water and in case using soapy water ensure it has warm water and use it with wet cloth and then use dry cloth to add shine and remove water marks from surface.

Furniture Polish

Never use the glass cleaner, soapy water on the furniture. It destroys the look of furniture and leaves mark on it. apply the furniture polish and wipe in one directions. This keeps dust from magnetizing to furniture.

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