The 10 Top Interior Design Trends for 2018

Fresh off a slew of forward-thinking interior design fairs and salons, we were delightfully surprised to see vintage aesthetics making updated comebacks along with new interior design trends taking shape. To discover our favorite takes on notable interior design trends 2018, read on.

The Return Of Black

You can never go wrong with black, so they say. And as the interior design trends 2018 are being revealed, our interior designers have come to a conclusion that black is now taking over the world of interior design. From black furniture, black prints, black walls, finishes, and fixtures, black is pretty much all over the place.

This year, black is used in multiple ways. For instance, you’ll find that one of the popular home design trends 2018 is having all black walls. This might seem a bit intimidating, but a black wall creates a powerful and elegant statement in home interior design. One of the most common misconceptions about using black for interior design is that it can make the room appear smaller. However, our interior design experts suggested pairing black with light colors since the contrast can help to further enhance the overall size and appearance of the space.

Bring Nature Indoors

The interior design trends this year are taking a more environmentally-friendly approach. Thus, it’s not surprising to see a lot of warm and nature elements being combined with earthen luxury. As a matter of fact, natural elements are seen as the best interior design trends for 2018.

Materials that were obtained from nature or those that mimic the look of nature are addressing this need. These interior design trends are making our spaces look more authentic and unique. You can apply natural wood in your home interior design, along with different stone materials, such as pebbles, granite, marble, and those materials that resemble and complement with natural elements.

Curves and Smooth Edges

One of the biggest changes taking place in interior design trends 2018 is the use of curves and smooth edges instead of the usual boxy edges and clean lines among furniture designs. From soft and puffy chairs to curved coffee tables, these interior design elements are all about comfort and elegance.

People are already tired of the use of square and rectangular furniture with straight lines and are now moving towards round shaped furniture and smooth fabrics. These shapes often resemble furnishings from previous decades, so it seems like the interior design trends of the 80’s and the 70’s are making a comeback this year as well. The use of curved furniture is also expected in commercial interior design trends 2018.

Statement Ceiling and Floor

Statement ceilings and floors are made an entrance throughout interior design trends 2018. They can come in the form of bold colors and geometric patterns, which you can incorporate in the design of your ceilings or floors. But if you don’t feel like adding this eccentric interior design for your ceiling or floor, you can opt for a patterned floor and ceiling. This is also a great way to make a statement without going overboard with your interior design choices.

Earthy Colors

One of the most popular home design trends 2018 is the use of earthy colors. In previous years, gray tones were often all the rage in interior design. Also known as greige, this hue is a combination of gray and beige. This year, grey is still dominant but it’s often combined with softer pastels and earthy tones.

The interior trends 2018 are mainly about colors that appear in nature, such as soft greens and browns. Taupe, for instance, which was dubbed the Color of the Year for last year’s interior design trends, is now becoming a popular choice of color for interior design. Purple is also trending as an accent color, however, this color can be difficult to pull off since it has the tendency to dominate a space.

Green Accents

Speaking of earthy colors, greenery accents and accessories remained a trend this year. In fact, this was among the most noted interior design trend predictions 2018, as some interior design forecasters believe that last year’s green obsession is still going strong.

Decorating with textured plants and succulents is a great way to bring greenery to your home. And if you’re not a natural green thumb, opt for banana leaf accents. Pillow covers with banana leaf patterns are a great way to add texture to living room interiors. And if you want to be really bold, install banana leaf wallpaper to maximize the effect. This is a great way to bring a tropical vibe into your home interior design.

The Return Of Wallpaper

Forget about blank walls, because one of the best interior design trends for 2018 is the use of mesmerizing wallpapers. Installing wallpaper is a great way to add an interesting twist to your dull living spaces. This years wallpapers were more decorative and bold than ever before and this interior design trend is certain to replace the use of artwork and other art pieces for wall décor. Some of the most popular wallpaper designs for 2018 featured landscape scenery, abstract shapes, and colorful geometric patterns.

Darker Kitchens

Since the mid-80’s and on, most contemporary kitchens have been realized in white, from cabinets, countertops, to kitchen islands. But as we saw at theinterior trends 2018 design shows, darker hues have been reconsidered for many kitchen options. Our interior designers suggest adding natural hues in your kitchen design, such as incorporating wood tone kitchen cabinets.

If you want to go bold with your kitchen color, paint your cabinets in a bright blue hue or in unexpected shades of green. These bold colors will add more depth to your kitchen space, and why not – your kitchen is the center of your home and is where most entertaining usually takes place. These colors are also much easier to keep clean unlike white, which tends to show every blemish. Painting your kitchen with a brighter color is a great way to hide the flaws brought about by day to day use.

Personalize The Space

Our senior designers believe that the most game-changing interior design trends 2018 is in owning your space, which means personalizing your space by infusing your own character and personality throughout it. In fact, DIY interior design trends are now going mainstream and you’ll find numerous resources online that can help you do the work. By adding a personal touch to your space, you can leave a mark on your own home’s interior design, making it feel customized for your lifestyle.

The Breakfast Nook Rethought

For an ultra-cozy way to start your day, one of the best interior design trends for 2018 is the return of proper kitchen dining. As of late, kitchen counters were doing double duty serving as both an informal place for quick meals and a practical spot for preparing meals. However, we’ve noticed a shift in formal dining rooms making way for larger combinations of kitchens and great rooms as one open floor plan.

More common than ever, dining room furniture can now be seen arranged in kitchens, which means removing the counter and the center island to make way for these furnishings. With this kitchen interior design throwback, you can comfortably entertain guests at the dining table while you go on with your tasks in the kitchen area. It’s like combining the dining room and kitchen into one, which not only saves space but also makes preparing and serving food much easier.

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