Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting seeds is an annex of Elevate dealing in ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers and grass. Our well stocked nursery with over 25 different species of trees, shrubs and flowers located off salama road munyonyo, is one stop shop for all your gardening/garden beautification needs.

We are also proud owners of grass farm located in Katale off Entebbe road with capacity to supply over 10,000 bags of paspalum grass neatly packaged in 100kg sacks

There several species of ornamental trees at sprouting seeds, including but not limited to Royal Palm, Alexandra Palm, Cycad Palm, Frangipani Plant, Fox Tail Palm, Golden Cane Palm and Musayenda Flower

Featured Plants

Musayenda Flower

The bracts of the shrub may have different shades, including red, rose, white, pale pink. It’s star-like flowers of the shrub are 10 mm in diameter and have single. They grow provide quite a show in gardens

Fox Tail Palm

The charismatic beauty of this palm works in almost any landscaping. Its smooth gray trunk is topped with a bright green crownshaft and big tufted fronds that resemble the bushy tail of a fox.

Frangipani Plant

Frangipanis are relatively small trees growing and have a well-behaved root system which makes them great for the home garden and for growing in pots.

The Process

Our goal is to not only produce these fine selections in commercial quantities but to do so with long term performance & quality in mind, enabling us deliver the very best product. Our trees not only look good on the outside, they are also structurally sound where you can see.

Other Services include: After purchase where our experienced crew will load your trees to assure proper nesting & minimal breakage during transportation

Sprouting Seeds Varieties !

From exotic palms to flowering trees, we are constantly adding superior species & varieties to our available palette

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A man doesn’t plant a tree for himself, He plants a tree for prosperity – Alexander Smith

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