Open Capital Advisors

Project Description & Scope

  1. Glass partitioning of offices and boardrooms with 10mm thick glass.
  2. Cement wall board partitioning for reception and lobby area.
  3. Installing of doors for respective areas; finished partially with wood and glass, complete with accessories
  4. Low wooden table work station –supply and fix
  5. High wooden rise work station –supply and fix
  6. 3 conference tables 20 / 15/ 4 wooden setter.
  7. Reception desk partially wood finished and aluminum
  8. Installation of decorative but functional partition shelf
  9. MDF board kitchen cabinets complete with granite work top
  10. Electrical installations- decorative and functional lighting, double socket wall mounted sockets, truncking
  11. Mechanical; installation of water heater, mixer tap, stainless sink, fittings
  12. Painting; rebranding the entire room to company brand colors to create a lively work space
  13. Fire and safety; a trolley extinguisher and 2 portable handheld extinguishers. Carbon dioxide gas filled which is more ideal for a working environment
  14. Signage; company logo at reception, office labels, boardroom signage, external signage and main entrance gate
  15. Gypsum suspended ceiling; supply and fix 12mm thick gypsum suspended ceiling boards aesthetically designed to hence the working environment
  16. Acrylic glass discussion boards; 12mm thick 240*120cm dimension
  17. Installation of wall to wall floor carpeting; ideal for office environment
  18. Installing executive velvet carpeting



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