Jumia Village

The Cube - Kisementi
Project Description
Office,storage and sales point interior fit outs,painting,electrical,lighting,furniture and accessories. Turnkey project.

  1. Mesh and or chain link and or expanded metal area dividers
  2. 15 Shelves with wheels (4×2)
  3. Painting works as required
  4. Signage around the ware house
  5. 10KVA generator-Brand new or reconditioned
  6. Wooded pallets
  7. Supply of the pallet jacks
  8. Electrical socket wiring, lighting and power access
  9. Supply and fix 3 biometric doors
  10. Fabricate and install steel solid gate of ( 5×1.8meters)
  11. Transfer existing Bata gate plus its accessories to new position
  12. Construct new guard house at adjusted Bata entrance.
  13. Re-enforce welding facilities e.g. doors  Install 8 ventilation cyclones
  14. Fix all plumbing facilities to function properly
  15. Patch up and apply surface treatment to warehouse floor.
  16. Patch up interior civil elements wherever necessary
  17. Construct 138.6sqm boundary wall pointed finish not plastered with razor wire on top.
  18. Clean up warehouse
  19. Install exterior security lights
  20. Fix drive way potholes
  21. Introduce 2 counter tables



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