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Top 6 Signs You Need Masonry Work Done

Masonry work is “working with brick, concrete block, glass block, tile, terra cotta and stone using mortar to put them together.” If your house or commercial building has brick or stone walls, you’ll need a mason at some point — especially where exposure to the elements can significantly damage the brick or stone wall structure over time.Read more

Renovation Works

Open, Closed or Combination: Which Office Layout is Best for You?

Choosing an office layout can sometimes seem like a bit of a minefield. With so many options and new trends, it can be difficult to decide on the best setup for your team.

Gone are the days when offices consisted of set, inflexible structures, partition walls and disjointed layouts. We now have far more flexibility to explore different environments and create spaces for our teams to thrive in.Read more

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Tips To Clean Your Home On the Weekend

Cleaning is not that enjoyable task but you have to do it to keep your home hygienic and fresh and better place to live. But weekend is only time which you probably get to spend for yourself and ensure that the home is clean and tidy.

Just the way cooking or baking or gardening, cleanliness of home is very therapeutic as well. To simplify the process of cleaning of home that you can do it on your own without using help of someone else on weekend here are some tips.Read more

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How to maximize a small space?

1. Go higher

Enhance your space and the illusion of size by planting vertically. Using raised planters not only give plantings an added height to aid in screening, they also allow for ease of maintenance. Added functionality with planter walls being used as seats, will reduce clutter with elimination of the need for scattered chairs and benches. Espaliered plants on a blank wall will add interest and aid to screen and distract unsightly plain walls.Read more


Ready to Buy a Home? Consider These Five Things First

Some say the generation is entitled; some say they’re lazy. They’re also known to be tech-savvy, educated individuals. Who are they? They’re millennials and they’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the world today. As far as real estate goes, many millennials are considering whether or not it is their time to buy a home. Like every home buyer, members of the millennial generation should consider a few important things before taking the plunge into home ownership.Read more

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Choosing new office carpet? Here’s how to get it right…

Your office needs new flooring and it’s your job to choose it. If you are buying a new carpet for your home it can be an easy decision – you choose the carpet, colours and design that suit your own personal tastes. Choosing for a shared office space however is something quite different.

We can help you make the right decision and you can start having a play around with colours and ranges here. We have also prepared some top tips to help you make the right choice:Read more