Fulcrum Consult LTD

We appreciate the job well done at our office premises. Thank you for meeting expectations. We would like to officially commend you on your hard work and enthusiasm towards projects.

Charlie Lubega – Charlie Lubega (Ange noir, Guvnor, Fulcrum)

I regard Elevate as a breath of fresh air in the construction industry.

I took a chance with this rookie company of young individuals and was pleasantly surprised by their level of professionalism.
Elevate have executed three projects that I have engaged them to do, within budget and within agreed timelines.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to carry out budget and time sensitive work because of the level of integrity and diligence they have shown in carrying out my work.

I trust that elevate will go places with their attitude and work ethic.

Design Hub – Jantien Zuurbier

We were very pleased with Elevate holdings They showed a high level of professionalism and were able to translate our interior design plan into resourceful solutions that were cost effective. Whenever there where challenges regarding deadlines, communication was excellent.  As Design Hub Kampala we highly recommended Paul and his team for any renovation or construction work.

Justice Mike Chibita

In the two years that I have worked with Elevate I have found them committed, focused and dedicated to accomplishing their assignment with excellence. I commend them them for their exemplary work ethic that sets them apart from the rest.

Events LTD

Motion Gardeners have diligently and with love looked after our compound under general maintenance, and re-designing. They come highly recommended – 0752734588