Choosing new office carpet? Here’s how to get it right…

Your office needs new flooring and it’s your job to choose it. If you are buying a new carpet for your home it can be an easy decision – you choose the carpet, colours and design that suit your own personal tastes. Choosing for a shared office space however is something quite different.

We can help you make the right decision and you can start having a play around with colours and ranges here. We have also prepared some top tips to help you make the right choice:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Carpet Tiles for Your Office:


Most people, when they first start their search for new carpeting, begin by thinking about colour options. And it’s true that this is important. But carpet tiles are available in such a wide range of colours (as you will see), that you probably shouldn’t start your search here.

You probably shouldn’t start with your budget either. Carpet tiles are one of the most cost effective flooring options you have; so you will always find one that matches your budget. Additionally, the combination of installation and maintenance costs mean there will always be a trade-off from one to the other.

It all boils down to the amount of traffic your floor receives and the strength of the carpet tiles. Choosing a floor that can’t stand up to foot traffic should be the biggest concern you have.

Choosing a Colour for Your Office

The appearance of any workplace environment is important and by choosing new carpeting you have a great opportunity to really change the look and feel of your office.

In general, the colour you choose should reflect a few different factors. You may need to consider company colours (or avoiding the hues associated with your competitors). Ground floor offices will need to think about hiding dirt and debris that’s tracked in underneath shoes. And, there are a number of psychological factors at play too – certain colours evoke certain emotions (red for danger, green for go etc) and you will want to investigate these before finalising your carpet tile order. Swatches can help at this point. Make use of our swatch service and you can see several colours in-situ. Ask the opinions of colleagues who are working in the office to see if there is a common choice that all agree with.

Measuring Your Space for Carpet Tiles

Measuring your office for carpet tiles is a lot easier than preparing for broadloom carpeting, but you still need to do more than guess at the number of square metres.

If you have a square or rectangular office space (and especially if it’s one large, open space), all you need to do is measure the length and width of the area. Multiply these measurements by each other to get the square metres and add in a few extra for space tile pieces. The process is the same for L-shaped or other unusual office spaces, except you will need first to break areas into non-overlapping rectangles.

There are 5 distinct advantages to installing carpet in commercial buildings.

  1. Carpet adds beauty and enhances the appearance. This feeling of making the right choice by the client cannot be over stated and taken for granted. When entering the reception area, the first general appearance is office décor, office professionalism and office appearance. What better way to provide the most professional image than beautiful designed carpet floor covering.
  2. Carpet is a noise reducer. Most companies have open office settings with a large number of people dealing and interacting with each other. Ringing phones and frequent movement of staff within the office environment raises the noise that hinders the efficiency of the staff and becomes an obstacle to proper communication. Carpet offers an excellent solution in tackling the loud sounds in the office and helps to increase productivity.
  3. Carpet is healthy. When we understand that carpet is the best air filter in the building, we realize the importance of keeping it clean. Carpet is like a kitchen sink, a collector of stuff. Carpet collects air pollutants, dust, allergens and toxins and traps the molecules in its fibers. By regular carpet cleaning we not only keep spots and stains to a minimum, the air is cleaner and staff healthier.
  4. Carpet is cost effective. Proper carpet cleaning extends the life cycle of carpet. Contracting with a professional and experienced commercial carpet cleaning company who has consistent great outcomes with commercial contracts, allows you to rest assured that your office carpet is being cleaned with the right system and in the right manner. All carpeted areas must be cleaned on a regular scheduled maintenance plan to maintain the highest quality of office appearance.
  5. Carpet appearance management is easy to maintain. When scheduling the frequency of carpet cleaning, notice must be observed of foot traffic, outside entry ways, type and style of fiber, future plans of the office space and budget allowances. Not all areas need cleaning every month, depending on foot traffic, office carpet cleaning can be broken out in to a monthly, quarterly and annual program. There are professional ways and systems to keep carpet looking good and uniform all the time.