Ready to Buy a Home? Consider These Five Things First

Some say the generation is entitled; some say they’re lazy. They’re also known to be tech-savvy, educated individuals. Who are they? They’re millennials and they’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the world today. As far as real estate goes, many millennials are considering whether or not it is their time to buy a home. Like every home buyer, members of the millennial generation should consider a few important things before taking the plunge into home ownership.Read more

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10 wonderful ways to create a welcoming home entrance!

They say first impressions last, so it is no wonder you are going to want to ensure your home’s entrance or foyer is justifiably stylish and eye-catching. Is there any other space within your home that makes more of an impression than the entry and landing? Entrances are the first place you visit when you enter a home, and the last place you will see before you leave. After all, a dull, dreary or disused entry is going to impact hugely on the overall aesthetic and ambience of your dwelling. Read more


5 Reasons Why You Should Have Homeowners Insurance

Home ownership is one of the largest investments you will make, so protecting this investment with quality homeowners insurance is a crucial part of being a responsible homeowner. However, while many understand the importance of homeowners insurance, some don’t understand the specifics of what it covers if a burglary, natural disaster or other property damage occurs.Read more