4 Key Benefits of Pre-construction Planning Services

Construction of both multi-family and commercial facilities is a complex process. These projects demand a lot of cost and labor, which makes necessary for investors to hire a professional pre-construction planning services firm. The pre-construction planning services help you to lay a groundwork for a successful construction project. The process usually involves checking feasibility, identifying potential issues, defining the project scope, site planning, determining time and cost requirements, and project scheduling.

The data gathered during the pre-construction process helps the project and the investors in many ways and some of those benefits are;

1. Helps Define a Clear Vision

You embark on a new construction project with an idea or a vision, however, to make it a reality you need to share it with your contractor or anyone working on the project. The pre-construction process includes defining the scope, scheduling and planning, and all those things that will help you draw a clear picture for everyone to see and follow.

2. Helps Determine the Feasibility

While an idea may be rated as good, it may still not be feasible. Based on the project scope, site constraints, and similar other factors a feasibility study and constructability analysis is done. The preconstruction process provides all the information that is required to determine the feasibility of your project. It helps examine the possibilities and alternatives of an idea.

3. Helps Estimate the Fund Requirement

Pre-construction services also include estimating the cost requirements. This helps investors plan and secure the funds required for the successful completion of the project. Identifying shortage in funds at the preliminary stage provides the opportunity to make necessary changes and adjustments in the project without wasting time and resources.

4. Helps Prevent Problems

Pre-construction planning helps in streamlining the tasks, which results in smooth and successful project execution. It also helps identify the associated risks and issues, beforehand. The pre-construction phase addresses a wide range of concerns such as permit requirements, site evaluation, selection and requirements of building material and equipment analysis and selection, and scheduling obstacles.


These are some of the key benefits of opting for pre-construction services. Pre-construction is not new to the real estate industry. Many property owners, however, ignore the need of hiring a scheduling and planning pre-construction planning services firm. It is mostly due to their lack of understanding of the benefits of a pre-construction analysis. If you are planning to embark on a construction project we highly advise to contact us. We are contractors with extensive experience and knowledge in this domain.