Monthly: May 2018

Renovation Works

Rain Gutter Cleaning Tips & Maintenance

Rain gutters protect your home from water damage during heavy rainfall which happens year round. During heavy rainfall, water hits your roof and travels down your gutters and away from your home.  The gutters on your home have an important job, and that means rain gutter maintenance is a must to ensure the structure of your home is not compromised by the rain.Read more

Sprouting Seeds

Pruning Bottlebrush: When And How To Prune Bottlebrush Plants

For the best appearance and the most abundant blooms, learning how to prune bottlebrush plants is an important part of bottlebrush care. Learning when to prune bottlebrush is important, too. If you continue pruning bottlebrush too long into the season, you can instigate damage and even eliminate blooms for the next year. We’ll answer the questions of when to prune bottlebrush and just how far can you prune a bottlebrush shrub. You’ll be pleased to learn that the attractive blooms respond well to correct pruning. Read more

Pre-Construction Services

4 Key Benefits of Pre-construction Planning Services

Construction of both multi-family and commercial facilities is a complex process. These projects demand a lot of cost and labor, which makes necessary for investors to hire a professional pre-construction planning services firm. The pre-construction planning services help you to lay a groundwork for a successful construction project. The process usually involves checking feasibility, identifying potential issues, defining the project scope, site planning, determining time and cost requirements, and project scheduling.Read more

Motion Gardeners

Hardscape vs. Softscape Design

If you’ve ever talked to professional landscape designers, you have probably heard the terms “hardscaping” and “softscaping.” They are two types of landscaping, and at Motion Gardeners, we offer both services. Let’s further discuss what each term means and then explore how they’re different.Read more

Sprouting Seeds

Spider Plants: Easy Care & Durable As Can Be

Spider plants (chlorophytum comosum) may also be called Airplane plants. Spider plants form arching clumps of grass-like leaves and get their common names from the baby plantlets that form on their dangling stems. They are one of the most adaptable and easy to grow houseplants, so they’re perfect for people who don’t necessarily have a green thumb!Read more

Renovation Works

10 Things Not to Do When Remodeling your Home

In most homeowners life there will come a time when remodeling and upgrading your current amenities will be a way of life. Whether you want to add space to your rooms, upgrade materials, or because your home needs more functionality, taking on a remodeling job could be in your near future. Before you get started, there are several factors to consider.  While your favorite home and gardens show may make it look easy in a few days – here are 10 things not to do when taking on your remodeling home job.Read more