Monthly: April 2018

Sprouting Seeds

Top 5 Arborvitaes (thuja) to Add to Your Landscape

When choosing an arborvitae or thuja variety, it is important to know the purpose or reasoning for the addition to your landscape. Will it be used as a privacy fence? Are you looking to add some color and shape to your design? Do you enjoy trimming your plants every season or are you looking for low maintenance? While there are many types of arborvitaes available in today’s market, below are some of the most popular arbs used in landscape design.Read more


5 Reasons Why You Should Have Homeowners Insurance

Home ownership is one of the largest investments you will make, so protecting this investment with quality homeowners insurance is a crucial part of being a responsible homeowner. However, while many understand the importance of homeowners insurance, some don’t understand the specifics of what it covers if a burglary, natural disaster or other property damage occurs.Read more

Sprouting Seeds

10 Fastest Growing Trees & Plants In The World

When we think about plants and trees, there is a tendency to think of them as “slow” things. After all, you can stare at a plant all day and you will probably not see it budge a millimeter. And yet, when you walk away from a plant and come back a week later, you will often observe change.

Believe it or not, some trees and plants grow really fast, and can put on substantial height within just a few short years. What are the fastest growing trees? Let’s take a look at some of the fastest growing plants on the planet.Read more

Motion Gardeners

8 Landscape & Garden Design Trends for 2018

If you own a home and aren’t utilizing your backyard space, you’re seriously missing out. With our year-round sunshine, there is no excuse for not capitalizing on your outdoor square footage. 

Investing in your landscape design undoubtedly increases the value of your home, not to mention will have all your friends and neighbors asking when your next BBQ is. Read more