Monthly: July 2017

Renovation Works

The Different Kind of Paints And Their Uses

Painting is about more than simply making the exterior and interior of a building look prettier. In fact, it serves an important function in protecting surfaces and reduce damage than can come about from being exposed to the elements.  The process of painting is therefore not simply about slapping on a coat of paint and not worrying about it again; it pays to think about the type of surface you’re painting on, weather conditions and ensuring that the paint job lasts for as long as possible.

A general understanding of paint type and what they are best used for can put you in a much better position to handle the work yourself and get a quality result!Read more

Sprouting Seeds

Make Your Roses Even More Beautiful With These Companion Plants

Companion planting simply means that some plants can, and should, be planted together to create a beautiful and healthy garden. When choosing companion plants for your roses, opt for ones that have the same sun and water requirements first, and then choose for beauty.

I’ve compiled some classic pairings for you as well as some unusual ones that you may not have considered. USDA hardiness zones are given for each, but simply look for a similar substitution if one of these falls outside your particular zone. Read more

Motion Gardeners

11 Landscaping trends to look out for in 2017

The El Nino drought has played a significant role in the blazing of gardening trends in 2017 and it’s not just being felt in South Africa, it’s global! It seems climate change is having a positive effect on gardens by changing the way people plant.

Dubbed the slowest of the performing arts, gardening can seem trend proof.” – Pam Penick
Life Green Group has researched current worldwide landscaping trends and here is what you can expect to see in the South African garden in 2017 –Read more