10 wonderful ways to create a welcoming home entrance!

They say first impressions last, so it is no wonder you are going to want to ensure your home’s entrance or foyer is justifiably stylish and eye-catching. Is there any other space within your home that makes more of an impression than the entry and landing? Entrances are the first place you visit when you enter a home, and the last place you will see before you leave. After all, a dull, dreary or disused entry is going to impact hugely on the overall aesthetic and ambience of your dwelling.
Nevertheless, where does one begin when attempting to plan and design a welcoming, warm and inviting entrance? To get you started, we’ve gathered our top 10 basics that we think will help you in creating the ultimate home foyer, hall, corridor or entry. Whether your home is large and luxurious, or cosy and compact, we have a few tips below. Read on and redecorate, renovate, refurbish and refresh your abode with confidence and style.
1. Clean, polish and scrub

First up, it’s time to clean, polish and scrub. As the entrance is the busiest exit and entry point for a dwelling, it also gets the dirtiest. Don those rubber gloves and scrub marks off of walls and doors, paying particular attention to any scuffs that might have occurred.

If you have a high gloss floor, or timber floorboards, consider having these professionally cleaned and polished, or restored if needed.

2. Clear away your clutter

Most importantly, an entrance space needs to be clutter free. Forget about dumping those shoes, bags, bikes and other domestic miscellany at the door, for your entry to remain welcoming, you need to keep things clean!

Undertake an audit of your hallways, around the front door to your apartment or house, remove anything unnecessary, and ensure the floor is clear.

3. Create a welcoming ambience

An entrance should evoke a welcoming, inviting and calm ambience, after all you want your guests, friends and family to feel excited and welcomed once they enter your abode. Choose a wall colour that suits your desired atmosphere, and soften the space with indoor plants or greenery.

If you need assistance with the overall design of your entrance space, why not chat to a professional? Here at ELEVATE we have a huge collection of wonderful interior designers and decorators that will be able to provide you with a few handy hints and tips, check them out today!

4. Let your walls do the wowing!

Grab your guest’s attention as soon as they wander into your home with bright and interesting wall art. If you fancy yourself a keen DIYer, why not have some photographs printed and framed?

If you have a console table in your entry, you might want to additionally consider statuettes and ornaments to boost the space’s vibe and aura.

5. Add some furniture

If your entrance or foyer is large, you might want to consider furniture within the space. Furniture might include console tables, chairs or display cabinets, but should always keep in mind the spatial qualities of the area, remembering to avoid overcrowding.

6. Let there be light!

Light is fundamental to the success of your entrance space. Look at a feature light fitting, and ensure it is hung at the right height. Moreover, adding mirrored elements or features can help reflect natural and artificial light, softly brightening the room with ease.

7. Create symmetry

Creating symmetry and balance within your entrance is a great design technique that will allow your home to feel ordered and sophisticated. Take some cues from this gorgeous example, and update your entrance with a symmetrical aesthetic.

8. Save space for shoes

Shoes are the scourge and ruination of many entrance halls as they bring in mud, dirt, dust and grime. Not only that, they also smell and look messy when left on the floor. Consider a ready or custom made shelf system that will house enough shoes for you and your family, keeping the space clutter free and clean.

9. Ensure your door is functional

It seems almost too obvious to mention, but ensuring your front entrance door is actually functional is a crucial step to ensuring your foyer, hallway or entry is suitable for use.

Oil the hinges, check for obstructions, and consider re-hanging if your door doesn’t open or shut correctly.

10. Keep everything organised

In order to keep your floors relatively clean and clutter free, you should look at adding cupboards, trays or baskets that can house all of your clothes, shoes and other accessories.

Not only will this keep your space clutter free, but it will help preserve your clean and polished space.

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